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Buwei Hu

Ph.D. Student

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A Bit About Me

Graduated with a B.S. degree in Biochemistry at Liverpool University in 2018 and a M.S. degree in Bioengneering at University of California Los Angeles in 2020.


[1] Yeon Sik Choi*; Yuan-Yu Hsueh*; Jahyun Koo*; Quansan Yang*; Buwei Hu; Zhaoqian Xie; Raudel Avila; Geumbee Lee; Zheng Ning; Claire Liu; Yameng Xu; Young Joong Lee; Weikang Zhao; Jun Fang; Yujun Deng; Seung Min Lee; Iwona Stepien; Ying Yan; Joseph Song; Chad Haney; Yong Suk Oh; Wentai Liu; Hong-Joon Yoon; Anthony Banks; Matthew MacEwan; Guillermo Ameer; Wilson Ray; Yonggang Huang; Tao Xie; Dr. Colin Franz; Song Li; John Roger. 2020.11. ‘Stretchable, dynamic covalent polymers for soft, long-lived bioresorbable electronic stimulators designed to facilitate neuromuscular regeneration’. Nature Communication

[2] Weikang Zhao; Buwei Hu; Xuexiang Zhang; Pingping Wang. 2020.4. ‘Pen-strep influence macrophage mechanical property and mechano-response to microenvironment’. BioRxiv.

[3] Jiping, Shao; Caiyun, Zhang; Buwei, Hu; Xueli, Xie; Shuhong, Tian; Richao, Wang; Daolong, Huang; Jian, Fu. 2016.5. ‘Methodological evaluation of rhCNB in long-tailed macaque sera detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)’. Chinese Journal of Immunology

Research Projects




Mechanism and Cytotoxicity of Flavonoids in Plantain Grass

Analysis of pharmacokinetic toxicity of drug 2015002TK |

Gold nanoparticle surface peptides decoration

The spheroid cell therapy for nerve regeneration

Wireless electron stimulation device prevents muscle atrophy after nerve damages

The effect of substrate stiffness in induced neuron reprogramming

Pen-strep influence macrophage mechanical property and mechano-response tomicroenvironment


Bio-artificial muscle (BAM) base on microtissue and biodegradable scaffold

“The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he’s one who asks the right questions.”
- Claude Levi-Strauss

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