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We Are Moving!!

No, we are not leaving Hangzhou! We are moving to Westlake University's new Yungu campus!

To be honest, I think the IT guy is more excited than the rest of the group members. Why? Go to our group pictures and you'll know.

Notice how there are no "lab" photos in our pictures? It's not that I don't want to take any but nothing comes outs "exciting"... I mean the current lab is great, it's just the pictures come out more depressing than it looks.

I'm not a science guru so all those bottles and colorful chemicals get me excited. Then there is our lab...

Yea, enough said...

BUT! We are getting an upgrade at Yungu Campus! The laboratory is still under construction but it looks amazing! I'm sure I can fulfill my nerdy scientific stereotypes when this lab gets running. So without further adieu, here's to our new lab!

The above pictures I took betrayed me. The bottom right corner of each picture said everything about my laziness and how I procrastinated on this entry...

One thing is for sure, it's A LOT bigger. We got these cool rooms that I have no idea what they are for, and these big ole tables that I'm sure will be put into use one way or another. (The thoughts of an outsider with zero scientific knowledge) It's like a six-year-old toddler going to the zoo for the first time, everything becomes exciting even though I have no idea what I'm looking at. Oh and I'm pretty sure after the lab group members read this post, I will be banned from entering the lab ever again. Reminds me of how I accidentally grew infectious bacteria in a petri dish back in High School Biology. But I'm pretty sure that won't be the only reason.

So when I was walking around our new lab, this room caught my eyes. Unlike the other big rooms, this one was sealed and didn't look all that "scientific". Now I'm sure there is an official term for this room but is it me or does this room look like one of those Korean Barbecue restaurants? Why? Because those things hanging down from the ceiling are actual range hoods! Well aside from the fact the ones on the right looking like professional lights that you see at the dentist... But if you take a closer look, you'll notice those are retractable range hoods!! Maybe they don't call it a range hood in the lab but that's what they look like!! Think about it! If you put a grill on the bottom, light up some charcoal, throw a few pieces of meat on top (no veggies, meat lovers only), and you got yourselves an indoor barbecue facility! How cool is that! Oh, and it's the perfect place to host a party for those holidays! I'm pretty by the time I'm done writing this blog I'll be tied to a post for a good beating...

Okay, one thing is for sure, the new campus is way too big. The overall size isn't too big, but no one likes walking 10 mins from the lab to get lunch (I'm just lazy). I do hope to start working at our new campus soon (Not really). As of now, we are expected to officially move in sometime in the near future (Because I have no idea when). But I do hope that everyone moves to the new campus soon, our old lab is getting smaller by the month due to so many newcomers.

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